Men’s Golf: November 2015 Update

On October 13 we had our monthly tournament at Bella Colina Country Club in San Clemente. The course, better know as The Goat Hill was in great shape and the wather was perfect. The game was 1, 2, 3, Foursomes. In this format the scoring is 1st hole score is best net score of the foursome. The 2nd hole scoring is the 2 best net scores of the foursome, and the 3rd hole score is the 3 best net scores of the foursome. Balance of holes repeats this sequence.
First Place Team: Dick Grabham, Don Duffer, Dennis Rosene, John Monson with a score of 126
Second Place Team: Bob Russell, Roy Dohner, Morry Dohner, Mike Stively with a score of 130
Third Place Team: Mike Roberts, John Torok, Steve Geisler with a score of 135
Fourth Place Team: Bob Gutknecht, Boyd Van Ness, Mac Brown, John Cobain with a score of 143
CTP#2 Bob Russell
CTP#6 Mike Stively
Our next tournament is on November 10th at Arrowood in Oceanside.


Low eighties
I play golf in the low eighties, the old man was telling one of the youngsters at his club.
Wow, said the young man, that’s pretty impressive.
Not really, said the old man, Any hotter and I’d probably have a stroke.


—Bob Russell

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