Garden Club: Fall 2015 Update

The Garden Club met on Monday October 19. Our thanks to Carmen Murphy, JoAnn Webb, Grace Glatt, Marilou Heckman, Karla Sanders and Suzanne Enis for a lavish luncheon.
Our guest speaker was Annie Hall Bosche from Annie Hall Landscape Design of Mission Viejo. She gave an enlightening lecture on roses. She educated us on terms from Bare Root Roses to Own root roses and the advantages and disadvantages of each type. For those interested in venturing into creating a rose garden, start with the Julia Child drought tolerant yellow roses or the Lady Banks roses. Always buy grade 1 roses. Another choice is the David Austin, which are large, fragrant and disease resistant roses.
Since our soil is quite alkaline, coffee grounds, being acidic, are ideal for roses as well as azaleas, citrus fruit trees and other acid loving plants. I just picked up a big bag from Starbucks for free! I will be reporting on our annual Lobster fest to be held on October 29, in the next report.
Our next garden club meeting is on November 16. It is that time of the year for our Forget Me Not project. The committee will be shopping for items the homebound senior may need. If you have any items such as hotel shampoo, lotion, etc. from trips you have taken please bring them. Also, it would be wonderful if you can contribute a book of postage stamps and a new coffee mug to be included in the gift bag.
It would help a lot if you could bring scissors and scotch tape for the gift bag assembling we will be doing.
Annie also talked to us about not using pesticide sprays that would kill the good bacteria and worms, which reminds me of this question: What do you call it when worms take over not only your garden but the world? Global wOrming!
—Lakshman Sehgal

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