Traffic & Safety: Parking and Guest Lists

Summer is drawing to a close and with that, we can expect a significant drop in the number of guests entering our community to enjoy our amenities. During this summer season “welcomed guests” often outnumbered residents using the pool. Often during the heat of the summer day, there were a lot more visitor vehicles parked at the bluff than those of residents. I mention this only to give you a little insight to the volume of guests coming to visit each day. I understand that most didn’t even use the pool and bluff/ beach access.
Unfortunately, a disproportionate number of the enforcement type contacts our security personnel made this summer, involved guests in one way or the other.
Many of these contacts simply involved misunderstandings about rules and were resolved in a reasonable fashion.
However, on more than a few occasions the involved guest lost his/her composure and became irate and threatening.
Consequently, in this state they could not effectively communicate and ameliorate their own dilemma. It seems as though Parking and Guest Lists are the major areas involving security contacts that illicit a negative response. To eliminate these conflicts we should first ensure our Guest and Party lists are up to date. Then once someone is invited in, we should insure that they display their visitor pass on the dash and explain that if they don’t, their car is subject to being towed away. Recently it has become apparent that guests are parking curbside on some of the narrow streets and are effectively blocking and obstructing traffic. This too can result in the car being towed.
To the Point:
I don’t know what sort of frustration is causing it. But it seems as though more and more people are becoming verbally abusive toward our office staff, the guards working the gate, the maintenance crew and landscaping people.
All of these folks are doing their job, and at times have to make decisions based on laws and our guidelines. They then enforce our rules that may or may not coincide with each individual’s personal sense of order or aesthetics.
Launching a tirade is seldom, if ever, an effective method of getting one’s point across. God Bless.
—Tim Murphy

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