Traffic & Safety Committee: Summer Safety

Summer is in full swing with more guests visiting each day. The peak day will likely be July 4 with folks arriving early to enjoy the super delicious Men’s Club breakfast that has incidentally earned an outstanding reputation up and down the coast. This will be followed by our community’s annual Fourth of July parade. Even more folks will flock into the Shores to watch both old and young people march or strut their stuff in this the most colorful, patriotic and fun event in Orange County. Now we get serious, the sand castle building contest begins, along with that some heavy duty picnicking starts on the beach and bluff. Some folks will opt out of the beach activity to hang out at the pool and eat a hot dog or two. Others might enjoy a backyard barbeque. By the time 9 p.m. rolls around most of the tenured residents and guests will be talked out, and already have secured a vantage spot to view as many of the seven firework displays visible just to the north. At about 10 p.m. most folks will start to conclude a great day.
To ensure everyone has a fun packed safe and sane day we offer these bits of advice:
■■ Remember only residents, with vehicles with resident stickers, are allowed to park at the Bluffs on the Fourth of July.
■■ Update guest lists.
■■ Provide the office with a Party List at least three business days before the event when the number of your guests exceeds ten guests.
■■ Remind guests that might be skaters that skate boarding, scooters, etc., is not allowed at the Bluff.
■■ Drivers should be cautioned to be alert for pedestrians moving through heavy traffic, especially at the Bluff.
■■ Folks parking on the upper tiers at the Bluff and walking down toward the beach or back toward their cars should utilize our crosswalk and walk on the sidewalk.

An Opportunist may Strike A handful of people have reported that during the past month their unlocked vehicles have been entered and someone rummaged through them. Apparently little if anything was stolen. Our local Dana Point Deputy Sheriffs have for quite awhile had a program Lock it or Lose it. It has been successful in reducing incidents of thefts from cars. I notice that the concept has been somewhat modified to reflect Hide it or Lose it. The idea is a simple one, don’t tempt an opportunist type thief. If we remove valuables from our locked cars we are truly minimizing the chances of becoming a victim.
Have a safe and secure summer. God bless!
—Tim Murphy

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