Men’s Club – August 2015 Update

Editors Note: The following article was written by the new secretary of the Men’s Club, Jerry Allen. While many members volunteer to help put on an interesting and delicious men’s club meeting it is important to also continue the ladder of officers necessary to run the meeting. Thank you Jerry for stepping forward as the new secretary.
In our past few meetings the men’s club has gained information about a diverse set of interesting (and possibly disturbing) subjects. Our first foray was into the dark world
of cybersecurity. We discussed the fast changing nature of cyber-economics, how that attracts the criminal element, and then we broke the surface on the subject of defensive things that we can do to reduce the risk of being hacked.
Our July 7 meeting opened with continuing smiles from the great July 4 celebrations as Club President,  Billy Tally, read thank- you notes from recipients of our recent scholarships awards. We applauded the club’s efforts and Roy Dohner’s leadership for an outstanding July 4 Breakfast event where approximately 500 breakfasts were served and many fun memories were created for Niguel Shores residents and guests. We played to our core strength, making breakfast!
Our Vice President, CW Gruenig, introduced our guest speakers from the Dana Point Residents for Responsible Development : Steve Stewart, Rick Erkeneff, and Buck Hill. Mr. Hill gave a very interesting presentation that appealed to Dana Point residents to consider a petition for a ballot that would direct the City Council to follow the current Commercial Center Plan and limit deviations related to developer concessions.
Key criticisms of the Council actions involve: deficit spending ($36M in 7 years), deviations from existing parking codes, and a move toward residential vs. commercial development.
After a very informative Q&A session we were promised that upcoming speakers would address alternate viewpoints.
Reminder to Club member who have signed up:The annual trip to the Del Mar Races is August 13. Bring cash. Aug 4: Sam Ghasemi, Director of Hearing Aids Dept. for Costco (by member request) Aug. 18: Carlos Vasquez, past candidate for U.S. Congress (he sent Sugar Ray Leonard Jr. and Manny Pacheco to speak to us in the recent past).
—Jerry Allen

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