Maintenance Committee – NSCA Coach Light Replacement Project

After many months of meticulous research and study by Facilities Manager George Cooley, the Maintenance Committee obtained approval from the Board of Directors on July 1, 2015 for the NSCA Coach Light Replacement Project. This will include replacement of all coach light fixtures (i.e. street lights) and wooden coach light posts maintained by the Association.

"Florence Model" Light Fixture

“Florence Model” Light Fixture

There is a huge economic justification for approval of the project. Although the existing coach light fixtures use compact fluorescent light bulbs and are energy efficient, they require numerous man-hours of the maintenance staff to ensure they are clean and in good working condition.
The new updated coach lights are sealed tight and will require less labor, allowing the maintenance staff more time to work on other projects for the community. The cost for this project will be taken from the reserve funds, a reserve expense account accumulated in previous fiscal years.
The project will be completed in four phases as follows:
1. Phase 1 – August 2015: The order has been placed and installation is waiting to be scheduled. The tentative start date will be September 2015. This phase includes removal of eighty-nine (89) coach light posts to be replaced with a composite material, decorative base and 20” Florence model, top-mounted light fixtures from Evergreen Lighting. An evaluation and solution is to be determined on how to mount street signs to light poles on Ports O’ Call. Two dog-waste stations that are currently attached to existing coach light posts will have to be re-installed or relocated with new posts and concrete.
A geographical survey map of existing coach light post locations and the quantity of lamps per post will have to be performed prior to installation of the new poles. This will provide the contractor with the locations of all eighty-nine (89) poles.
2. Phase 2 – January 2016: Removal and replacement of one-hundred (100) wall-mounted 18” Florence model light fixtures (with custom model back plates\ for street entrance pilasters) from Evergreen Lighting. Maintenance staff is to install.
3. Phase 3 – July 2016: Removal and replacement of one-hundred and fifty (150) wall-mounted 25’ Florence model light fixtures (with custom model back plates for home pilasters/walls) from Evergreen Lighting. Maintenance staff is to install.
4. Phase 4 – January 2017: Continuation of Phase 3. The remaining one-hundred and forty-two (142) 25’ Florence Model light fixtures will be installed by the Maintenance Staff.
—Karl Kuhn

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