Men’s Golf – July Update

On June 9 we had our monthly tournament at Arrowood Golf Club in Oceanside. The course was in great shape, the weather was perfect. The game was 1, 2, 3 Team Foursome. This is scored with the 1st hole score is the best net score of the four players. The 2nd hole score is the 2 best net scores of the four players. The 3rd hole score is the 3 best net scores of the four players and the remaining holes are scored in the same rotation as the first 3. This is a great format and makes all the teams competitive with a great chance to win.
First Place Team: Dick Grabham, John Monson, Don Duffer, and Nick Werneche with a score of 123.
Second Place Team: Roy Dohner, Mike Stively, Dennis Rosene, and Bill Verbrugge with a score of 129.
Third Place Team: Jack Sweeney, John Torok, Boyd Van Ness, and Mike Roberts with a score of 130.
Fourth Place Team: Bob Russell, Kent Wellbrock, Larry Jordan, and Curt Bartsch with a score of 133.
Closest to the Pin on hole # 3 Bill Verbrugge.
Closest to the Pin on Hole #11 John Torok.
—Bob Russell

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