Men’s Club – July Update

It was a special morning on June 2 for three families, two of which live here in Niguel Shores, where they proudly watched as their college bound high school seniors were recipients of the Men’s Club $1000 scholarship awards.
As president Bill Tally introduced each winner they spoke briefly of their future selected university and their education goal. All of these awardees are top students and an inspiration to behold.

Following the award ceremony the guest speaker was Sugar Ray Leonard, Jr. He spoke eloquently about growing up with a world famous boxing champion father. One video that he showed reminded many of us about seeing him as a young boy in a commercial sparing with his father. But Sugar Ray, Jr., now an inspirational speaker, spoke about breaking away from his father’s fame and pursuing his own success in life, which he obviously has accomplished.
His was a fascinating story.
The meetings for July are being kept a mystery as we go to press with this issue. Vice-President CW Gruenig will reveal the mystery by the start of July.
—Karl Kuhn

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