2015 Board Election Results

The following are the results of the 2015 NSCA Board of Directors Election:


Board Members Elected: Art Staudenbaur & Suzanne Enis

Board Positions:

Jeannie Sticher – President

Bob Russell – 1st VP

Steve Leonard – 2nd VP

Art Staudenbaur – CFO

Suzanne Enis – Secretary

Committee Liaison Assignments:

Architectural – Bob Russell

Communication – Suzanne Enis

Emergency Preparedness – Jeannie Sticher

Finance – Art Staudenbaur

HR – Jeannie Sticher

Investment – Art Staudenbaur

Landscape – Suzanne Enis

Maintenance – Steve Leonard

Recreation – Suzanne Enis

Traffic & Safety – Steve Leonard

View Preservation – Bob Russell


Thank you to all who participated in this process!

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