Men’s Club – May 2015 Update

The Men’s Club had two informative speakers in April. If you missed the meeting of April 7, you missed a chance to earn a few dollars. Why do I say that? Well, the speaker was James Fullenkamp, a financial adviser with Edward Jones Investments, and during his presentation he would ask the members to define a particular word or phase used by pundits in the stock market.
If you answered correctly he gave out a crisp dollar bill or two dollar bill.
Of course the essences of his presentation was in educating us about the ups and downs of the stock market.
The speaker on April 21 was our own Niguel Shores resident and recently elected Dana Point Councilman, Joe Muller. Joe gave a very informative talk about the many issues and changes under review by the D.P. City Council pertaining to the future of our beautiful Dana Point.
On May 5 candidates for this month’s election to the Niguel Shores Board of Directors; Kyle Abarca, John Dougherty, Suzanne Enis, David Goldberg, Kevin Rausch, Art Staudenbaur will speak about our beautiful community, including but not limited to, what it means to them and how, if elected, their plans to maintain or improve it. Each of them will speak for 7 or 8 minutes and will field questions from the floor.
On May 18 the speakers will be Manny Pacheco and Carol Vasquez. Their presentation is on being supporting actors in well known movies of the 1930s and 1940s that has been called the Forgotten Hollywood. Don’t miss this terrific presentation.
—Karl Kuhn