Men’s Club – March Meeting Recap

The Men’s Club Guest Speaker was Mike Lavery, a motivational speaker. He spoke of the importance of learning mind control and improving one’s memory. He referred to this as whole brainpower resulting in a significant increase in personal creativity.
A professional golfer, he demonstrated his ability to write ambidextrously, and his ability to focus with intensity, allowing him to memorize a vast array of knowledge: to recite the alphabet backwards, and to call out all the prime numbers into the hundreds.
We’ve all seen Tiger Woods bounce a golf ball on an iron…but Lavery goes him one better, by bouncing a golf ball on the round head of a ball peen hammer…. while turning in a circle!
This has earned him the nickname The Hammer Man.

The Sunshine Committee announced that Don Ellis’s condition was deteriorating.
The meeting was of particular interest, with a discussion of the Club’s 20 year-old Scholarship Fund program for graduating seniors. Over the years, the club has awarded, annually, as many as five $1,000 scholarship to meritorious graduating seniors from Dana Hills High.
The members voted to reduce the number of awards this year to two; and to give preference to those seniors who reside in the Shores. Interested seniors are encouraged to complete applications, which will be inserted in the SeaShore News.
Our guest speaker was Bill Green (very fitting for a meeting held on St. Paddy’s Day.) Bill is a Director on the Board of the South County Water District, which serves 40,000 residents in South Laguna, Dana Point, and portions of San Clemente. He spoke of the serious drought engulfing the state, with a dreary outlook for things not getting any better if we don’t get significant rainfall soon. Things we take for granted, like bright green laws are going to disappear, and current restrictions on watering may be further increased.
Many homeowners are not aware that automatic irrigation of yards is limited to ten minutes one day a week.
At this time, the District is emphasizing education rather than enforcement, but unless we get some significant rain soon, watering restrictions may become even more rigorous with money penalties.

“No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse.” —Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

—Morry Meadow

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