Men’s Club – March Update

Members were informed that Don Ellis has been stricken with sudden onset Alzheimer’s disease. Don has been a long time member of the Men’s Club, and we wish the very best to Don and his wife Mary Elin.
The Club was fortunate to have two outstanding speakers in February.
Our speaker at the February 3 meeting was Ms. Berenika Schmitz, the current Executive Director of the Dana Point Symphony Orchestra. This remarkable musical group, in only its fourth year of existence, has been entertaining sold out concerts at St Edwards just a stone’s throw away from Niguel Shores. Ms. Schmitz brought with her the first violinist of the Orchestra, Ms. Yang Bartolotti, who received sustained applause from the members in attendance.
Ms. Schmitz announced that the Orchestra is planning four concerts during April, May, June and July; tickets are a bargain at $15 to hear some terrific music by some very talented musicians. Ms. Schmitz also announced that two season passes would be awarded to each of two Men’s Club members via a drawing, the winners to be announced at the Club’s next meeting. The lucky winners were Tim Murphy and Sean Tierney who accepted the tickets enthusiastically!
The speaker at our second meeting of the month was Thomas Bees, Investigator for the La Habra Police Department and a specialist in the nefarious crime of identity theft. ID theft is becoming more and more prevalent, and he gave some real-life examples of such crimes and other scams. He urged everyone to be aware of the devious methods used to steal from unsuspecting citizens.
While seniors, over the age of 50 represent only 15% of the population, they are 30% of those victims. He urged us all to be vigilant and suspicious of unsolicited offerings, especially of emails and telephone calls that promise great deals. Remember, If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Mr. Bees’ topics were of such interest, that he stayed on 30 minutes after the end of the meeting to answer questions.

“Men who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do!” — Isaac Asimov

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
—Morry Meadow

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