Landscape Committee: Soil Analysis

At our last landscape meeting, we had two members of Simplot Partners discuss soil core findings in their soil analysis report of several community landscape locations.

The report indicates a very sandy soil, which does not have any nutriment hold capacity. What they suggest we do is add organic matter to the soil. This will allow more nutrients to be held in the soil so plants can absorb them. This is why they are recommending fertilizer with a Slow Release Nitrogen. By applying Nitrogen in a form where it releases slowly, it will last longer and will not be wasted.

The Gypsum (Soil Buster) is recommended because the soil is low in Calcium. Calcium is very important because it forms the compounds that are part of the cell walls, which strengthen the plant structures, and it also helps to balance acids within the plant.

Harvest will test certain areas first to see any positive results before we administer any products on a larger basis.

—Bill Walkup

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