Garden Club – Caring for Gift Plants

Caring for Gift Plants It happens during the holidays.
Someone, like a neighbor, goes out of town and leaves you with their gift plant to care for. Or, more frequently you are the recipient of a gift plant in exchange for being a fabulous host.
If you absolutely had to group gift plants into a single kind of care category that would help them survive. Here it is:
1. Put them in a window that receives morning sun and afternoon shade
2. Do not overwater. Check the moisture level of the plant every five to seven days. Only water when the top one half inch is dry.
3. Use room temperature water. Consider the plant is growing in an overly warm environment in your home. Shocking the roots of the plant with ice cold water will create plant stress.
4. Water your gift plant in the sink and let it drain completely before you place it back in the window.
5. Remove all the cellophane and bows that prevent the plant from draining.
6. To prolong blooms keep the plant outside in dappled shade until you are
The meeting this month is on a Thursday, March 19, when Dr. Faizal Waffran will talk and demonstrate the care and nurturing of Cymbediums, including how to divide the Cymbediums.
Ready to entertain.

Friendship: A friendship can Weather most things and thrive in thin soil, but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small, silly presents every so often, just to save it from drying out completely. Happy Gardening.
—Jerry Koppang

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