Traffic & Safety – Guest Lists, Insurance, and Overnight Parking

All construction work at the front gate should be completed by the time this paper goes to press. This upgrade has a lot of positives. Aside from enhancing the image of our community and caring for the basic comforts of our guards, there will be a new wiring system that will allow more effective computer usage. Just one of the streamlined programs will allow security personnel, in the very quiet hours in the early morning an ability to patrol our streets.

This will provide a deterrent to crime and allow for better overnight parking enforcement. In the past these personnel have been virtually anchored to the gate, with virtually no traffic coming in, just waiting for a visitor that seldom arrived. Now, if an unexpected or late arriving guest shows up during these off hours, they will be able to telephonically contact the guard.

The guard will be able to verify the guest’s identity, check records, and inspect appropriate identification via a television system. Security personnel will then be able to give appropriate assistance, which may or may not include allowing entrance to our community. If needed, the guard will respond to assist with any complication that may arise.

Guest Lists:

Especially during the construction phase of the gatehouse, residents were most understanding and cooperative with temporary detours. However, during the same time frame more than a few visitors became frustrated and then irate when they found that they were not on their purported host’s permanent or temporary guest list.

When they could, security personnel would attempt to telephonically contact the concerned host, but quite a few times there was no answer to the call. Needless to say, these folks had to be turned away while in a less than positive mood.

Along this line, this is a great time to check our permanent guest lists and update them. We are allowed five permanent guests in addition to permanent or temporary service providers/contractors. Please return the yellow and pink forms sent from us to the office listing both guests and contractor/service providers. For special events, temporary passes are available for entrance at the Mariner Gate. Up to five may be authorized by a resident by telephoning or notifying the gate up to the date of the event, or up to nine by submitting a written/electronic list to the gate. Should ten or more guests be expected, a written or electronic list must be submitted to the office at least three business days before the grand occasion. (Refer to Rules and Regulations sections 6600 and 6607)


Just a friendly reminder, it is against both the state law and our rules and regulations to drive either a golf cart or neighborhood electronic vehicle in our community without a driver’s license. Additionally, a juvenile driver without a license jeopardizes their potential of even getting one once they are cited. One more thing along this line, any vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver is subject to being impounded by the police for thirty days. Needless to say, more than one underage person has been detected driving recently. I doubt that a family’s car insurance would cover an accident involving an unlicensed driver operating such a vehicle.

Be On The Look Out For:

Children playing in street after sunset

Operators of vehicles (golf carts) towing skate boarders after sunset;

Children operating electric carts and bicycles;

Overnight Parking:

More emphasis is being placed on overnight parking violations. Chronic violators are having their cars towed away. Please remember to lock your cars when parking. It reduces the risk having your valuables stolen. God Bless.

—Tim Murphy