Traffic and Safety – January Update

The Holiday Season is drawing to a quick close, and once “La Bafana” (who brings gifts to well behaved boys and girls from traditional Italian families) and the “Three Kings” or “Magi” (who give gifts to well behaved children hailing from traditional Spanish speaking regions) leaves our community on January 6th, the festivities are over. Hopefully, everyone will exercise close control over those children who received either an electric scotter or go-kart during this most happy season. These devices can be dangerous and should not be operated on the street.
The season seems to have brought out the worst in some drivers. Reported incidents of speeding increased significantly. Several people reported a black SUV traveling a very high rate of speed in several neighborhoods.
Should you see recklessness driving as has been described, please just be a good witness, write down the license number, and report the matter to the police.
For whatever reason, for the third year in a row different people have expressed concern about the increased speed of cars traveling on Atlantic Ave. as it transitions into Windward Ave. I know that it is a sharp turn and we have to remember to slow down.
As a resolution for the New Year, lets resolve to give clear instructions to guests or service providers on how to enter our community. If you don’t, their GPS will probably direct them to either the Selva or Cabrillo gates, and then out of frustration they may well try to tailgate their way in, only to have their tires flattened by spikes. Every month there are a lot of folks who fail to heed the signs and have to call tow services and buy new tires.
Another resolution that may save us money would be to remember to always lock our vehicles. Hopefully, we can as a community go for a year or more without anyone falling victim to the multitude of professional theives out there who now only steal from unlocked trucks and cars.
Wishing you a happy new year and may God bless.
—Tim Murphy

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