Page Turners – Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

Two of the Page Turners book clubs will be reading and discussing Flight Behavior, written by Barbara Kingsolver.
The dates of the meetings are Monday, January 26th and Thursday, January 29th. Please note, this month, January 29th falls on the 5th Thursday, we always meet the Thursday following the Monday group.
“Readers who bristle at politics made personal may be turned off by the strength of Kingsolver’s convictions, but she never reduces her characters to mouthpieces, giving equal weight to climate science and human need, to forces both biological and biblical. Her concept of family encompasses all living beings, however ephemeral, and Flight Behavior gracefully, urgently contributes to the dialogue of survival on this swiftly tilting planet” —Mari Malcolm
For more information about Page Turners you may contact: Diane Hearne: 661-6267—Monday afternoon Lisa Buchner: 496-9546— Thursday afternoon
—Lisa Buchner

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