Garden Club – Holidays and Houseplants

The Garden Club had its holiday party on the 15th of December. Many members of the club provided a great variety of salads and desserts. Our heartfelt thanks to the volunteers for setting up the tables in beautiful holiday colors. Everybody brought useful garden related gifts that were exchanged via raffle.
For our January 19 meeting we will have Gabriella Guidry, a Landscape Designer, whose talk will be The best organic ferilizer—How and Way to use compost tea. Since I have been doing the Indian rain Dance to fight the drought, you may want to consider some indoor gardening.
All plants undergo photosynthesis, a process that absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen.
NASA scientists have found that, in addition to carbon dioxide, plants can remove significant amounts of toxic chemicals from the air.
Indoor plants will both beautify your house and clean the air. Here are some examples that you can check out at the neighborhood nursery:
The Peace Lily, The Devil’s Ivy,
The Mother-Law’s tongue, English
Ivy, Lady Palm, Weeping Fig, Boston
Fern, Dwarf date Palm, Areca Palm
and the rubber Plant.
NASA recommends one houseplant per 100 square feet of space.Some houseplants can be toxic to animals, so check with your neighborhood nursery.
Finally, because of the rains, we will see a lot of worms so what do you call it when the world around you is taken over by worms? Global Worming!
— Lakshman Sehgal

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