Traffic & Safety Committee – Lock it or Lose it

While at times it feels as though we are in still in the summer months, the Holidays associated with the winter solstice are quickly drawing close. As usual,  following the post summer lull, we are already  experiencing a rise in the number of guests entering our community, and there is no doubt that the visitation rate will steadily rise until just after the new year. Unfortunately,  historically speaking, a small minority of these guests probably will cause a majority of the problems we will experience.

Guest Behavior: Typically, well over half of the negative incidents requiring  extra attention by our security personnel involve guest behavior. These range from dealings with visitors who are warned about a “complained of” significant rule violation to guests who become highly irate and belligerent when when warned about restrictions. Security personnel are also charged with enforcing our parking rules. Just last month they issued a total of 271 citations, of these 174 were issued to guests who chose not to display valid parking passes or parked in a restricted area.  On 37 occasions tow service had had to be summoned to have a guest’s car removed from clearly marked restricted parking area at the Bluffs.    I mention this because each of these matters needlessly cost us in terms of security personnel and staff being taken away from other safety and crime prevention efforts. Please be responsible for your guests and remind them to park with their guest pass clearly displayed on their dash.

Lock It or Lose It!  We still receive rumors that younger adults are prowling the streets, jiggling car/truck doors, and those that are unlocked  are being entered and property stolen.  At the same time we haven’t heard even a whisper about a locked vehicle being forced open and anything of value taken from them.   Should you become a victim of burglary, theft, or any other crime call the Dana Point Sheriff’s Office and report it. There are a lot of reasons for doing that, aside from the remote possibility your property may be recovered. From a community standpoint it insures that we will get a fair share of police resources to address a pattern that may develop.

Lock it! It has been well over a year since our last reported burglary and that suspect was eventually caught. However, with the Holiday season approaching, the caution flags are up.   Just recently we have been received reports of both male and female adults in our neighborhoods knocking on doors to sell or solicit money. Door to door sales people, or for that matter solicitors in general, are not permitted in  our community. Knocking on doors is now one of the more common methods of operation for daytime burglars. They want to find out if anyone is home or not.  If you experience this sort of activity call the police right away. The folks that have been identified doing this so far have not been connected to a burglary, but  have given less than forthright answers to questioning. We surmise that they slipped in or on foot tailgated behind a car at one of the gates.   We sometimes become complacent and don’t lock our doors if we are just going to be gone for a while. Well that’s all it takes. A locked door may well prevent an uninvited guest. Also be a good neighbor and report suspicious activity.

I Amost Forgot: Our “O.G.” skate boarder, Pat O’Brien has not participated in the Senior X Games in several years. However, several skaters have advised me that he is now in training for this years games. One thing for sure, you won’t see is Pat practicing his many skills on our streets and sidewalks. He’ll be the first to tell all skaters that it is way too dangerous. He will go the one of the nearby parks. He has also learned through the years that even at his level it is best to always wear all your safety equipment.

Tell Santa! If a well behaved child in your life asks you to intercede with Santa on his/her behalf for a Go Kart, you would be wise to redirect him elsewhere. You might go to Google or another search engine to check them out and dozens of ads will pop up and continue to pop up touting the fun and low price for either the electric or gas powered kart. These ads might be true, but here in the Shores there is virtually no place that they can legally or safely be dirven. We researched them at length last year and according to the CHP representative the only place in town where they could legally be driven was on a lot specifically designed for them.

Welcome: This year the ranks of the Traffic and Safety Committee was bolstered with the addition of two new members, Jack Webb and Karla Sanders. Both have sharp minds and keen insights into the needs of their neighborhoods and our community.

This Time of Year Have a happy new year, be careful and as they say in Irish, Nollaig Shona Duit!

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