Women’s Golf – Fall Update

Three foursomes played today. It was overcast, but hot. Remnants of Hurricane Norbert were in the air. Rain threatened, but never arrived. A lone deer munched peacefully on high grass off to the right of hole #1, and was startled and jumped and  bolted  when one of our drives came too close, and was not seen again till spotted on the creek bank by the bridge on hole # 6.

The game of the day: At each hole we were to reach into a bag and pull out a ball. The one who got a yellow ball was the one whose score became the team score. Team #1 (Judy Boitano, Lee Sweeney, Val Mitchell, Marlene Lynch) and team #2 (Gloria Marshall, Terri Matrisch, Helena Keeshen Brenda Tuckley} tied with a score of 32.

Other wins: Low gross 43: Marlene Lynch.  Low net 32: Judy Boitano & Terri Matrisch. Low putts14: Brenda Tuckley. Longest drive on #9: Marlene Lynch.

Guests for lunch:  Ruth Stahl, Joan Beyer, Ceacy Johns

Next Funday:  Monday, October 13. New time: 9:12. Arrive by 8:45. Golf Captains: Helena Keeshen (661-2391} & Maria Elena Banks (248-9300).  Please call one of them to be included or to cancel.

Joke of the day: “Honey I have a confession to make. I’m a golf nut. You’ll rarely see me during golf season.” “Well, dear, I have a confession, too. I’m a hooker.” His reply, “No big deal to me. Just keep your head down and your left arm straight.”

Bonus joke: What kind of engine do they use in golf carts? Answer: Fore cylinder.

Liz Kelsch


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