Men’s Club – Autumn Update

The Men’s Club held its two regular meetings during September with delicious breakfasts served up under the caring and gentle direction of Bob Enger and Jack Sweeney and were ably assisted by their crews. As is usually the case, no one went away hungry. Guess that KP experience in the service continues to pay off!

At the September 2 meeting, the members got first-hand information on the State of the City from Councilman Scott Schoeffel. Councilman Schoeffel discussed the several ongoing projects in the city – the Town Center development plan, the proposed Majestic Project, the transition of currently one way PCH and Del Prado to two way thoroughfares, and the condition of the city’s finances (which are rock solid). The Councilman also mentioned the preliminary discussion of creating a Skateboard Park in Sea Terrace Park.

The members were heartened to hear that the Sunshine Committee had no bad news to report this month; and that Bill Johnson’s orthopedic surgeon assured him that Bill’s recent shoulder surgery would cure his golf drive slices! Hang in there Bill!

The meeting held on September 16 featured guest speakers Joe Muller, NSCA resident and candidate for City Council who spoke about his vision for Dana Point’s future; and Mike Whipple, former Laguna Niguel City Councilman and active Rotarian, who spoke about his volunteer work with women and children refugees who fled Afghanistan.

Jack Christiansen reminded members of the upcoming Oktoberfest and said there were still a few reservations available. It looks like this will become a fun-filled annual event with traditional bratwurst, lager, potato salad and sauerkraut!


Men’s Club Maintenance List

Members were advised that with the recent passing of Don Beaver, a volunteer was needed to take over Don’s long-time activity of maintaining the Niguel Shores Men’s Club Maintenance List. The List, which was initiated many years ago, serves as a “Craig’s List” for members of our community. The names of contractors listed have been submitted by residents. Neither the Men’s Club nor the Association endorses the vendors listed.

Residents/owners are encouraged to submit the names of contractors, handymen, crafts and service people with whom they have had satisfactory dealings. The List is available in the office, and can be viewed on the website under the heading of Clubs.


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Morry Meadow