Maintenance Committee – Our New Gatehouse

For those of you who think our gatehouse on Mariner Drive is being re-modeled for purely aesthetic reasons to make it match our office and ClubHouse……not true!

Since the existing gatehouse was originally constructed, there has been a significant increase in technology. The current gatehouse was not adequate for additional cameras, multiple security camera monitoring, computers, internet access, etc. The renovation will help with the space issue, add additional electrical supply and “clean up” the internal infrastructure to provide a much better and workable environment for our gatehouse staff.

Although an architect and an electrical engineer were hired, our maintenance staff was an integral part of the planning. They had to identify the system of communication cables to the office for cameras and internet access, for manual and automated gate and barrier arm controls, fob controlled pedestrian gates, and various electrical supply circuits for both internal building use and external use for lights on the trees, median lights and irrigation controllers.

One new system mapped out by George and added to the design is called “Remote Guarding”. It is a telephone/ camera/internet connected keypad on a pedestal so that when a guest vehicle arrives at the gatehouse and the gatehouse attendant is not available at the moment, the “Remote Guarding” system provides access to the guest. This will only be activated for a few hours after midnight during minimal guest entry. This will be a cost saving addition as it will allow the attendant to patrol the community without having to hire an additional patrol officer.

As you can see, it will be much more than just a new harmonious and complementary building.

—Suzanne Enis