Garden Club – October Events

The September 15 Garden Club Meeting was scheduled for the Great Park Food and Farm Lab. Due to high temperatures in Irvine, the field trip was cancelled.  We will reschedule the trip for a later date.

The first meeting of the year was held in the ClubHouse with a box lunch served. New members were introduced including Allen & Carolyn Brase, Peggy Miller, Gary & Nancy Tinnes, Martha Burns, and Joann Beattie.

The October 20 meeting will be on the subject of “Roses.”

At the October 20 meeting we will be taking paid reservations for the October 30 Lobster Fest. Theprice for the dinner will be available at the meeting                                              Jerry Koppang


With the rain (yes rain) comes the growing season in Southern California. With kids and grandkids back in school, it is time to get busy in the garden. With mild weather and rain in the not too distant future, thanks to the El Nino, it is time to prepare for the spring by planting perennials and winter vegetables. You can plant spring bulbs such as tulip and daffodil and cool weather vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and lettuce. If you have trees, it is important to prune before the arrival of the Santa Ana winds. This allows the winds to go through without toppling them. Also important to fertilize your winter annuals, winter vegetables and your azaleas and camellias. This is also a good time to plant herbs such as chamomile, chive, cilantro, lemon grass, parsley, thyme and mint.

And finally, what do we all have two of, on our face?  Tulips!                           Lakshman Sehgal

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