Men’s Club – September Activities

It is good for men to get together for men’s interests sometimes. It can so easily be put off with men’s daily tasks and responsibilities, even competitive activities. Women generally do it so much better than men, sharing, bonding and supporting each other. Men should and can do it too.

The Shores Men’s Club of our beautiful community provides an opportunity for some important interaction with others. The Club’s new emphasis is to make it a bit more social, add some fun, and provide more of what men enjoy. We have a wonderful Club that provides scholarships for deserving Dana High School students. Going forward, we’ll be adding some enjoyable activities such as the upcoming September 30 October Fest. The Men’s Club has always had some good golfing activities. Now there will be expanded social experiences that will include our ladies. The Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast, one of the best ever, is a good example. It also showed that our guys are great cooks!

The Men’s Club meets at 8:00 a.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Besides providing a delicious hot breakfast, cooked by some pretty darned good gentlemen cooks, the Men’s Club brings some of the most important and interesting speakers available. We’ve very recently had city and county officials, professional speakers (that do not charge for their appearances), political candidates, and speakers that have taught us about finances, water, weather, personal planning, and maintenance of health, graceful aging and more. For years I have looked forward to learning from the talented speakers sometimes provided by men and women of this marvelous community we are privileged to enjoy.

By the way, where else can you get a hot breakfast with eggs, meat, fruit, coffee and juice for three bucks, the price of an ice cream cone, and a top speaker added to boot?

This brings me to another reason for joining your Men’s Club. This “our community” is your community. We all get more out of the privilege of living here if we know, enjoy and appreciate each other.

Join us for your own Shores Men’s Club experience. If you are new, your first meeting’s breakfast is on the house. I, for one, try never to miss a men’s club meeting!       C. W. Gruenig, Vice President of Programing

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