Website – Signing In, Projects, Parkings, Photos, and Events


What a busy and beautiful summer we are having here in the Shores. The wonderful summer weather and the great sunsets have brought lots of us out and about our community to enjoy the facilities as well as the wonderful sunshine.

Signing in: As you are enjoying all that our community has to offer, just a reminder to use the Website ( to sign in your family and friends.

Parking: Also please refer the Website for a refresher on restrictions regarding guests, parking and activities permitted throughout the community.

Projects: Please refer to the Website for updates on new projects about to take place within the community. You will see information on our site about the changes taking place with our new guard house and how those changes may impact our entering and exiting through the Mariner Gate during the project.

Photos: If you have not seen the wonderful photos that Gary Tinnes posted on of the Annual 4th of July festivities, please check out his photo gallery.

Events: You may also be able to spot some photos of your friends and neighbors dancing the night away while enjoying the wonderful sounds of Flock of 80’s Band, on Saturday, August 23.

As always, lots to do in our community and all the important details can be found at


—Patti Staudenbaur