Maintenance Committtee – Our Hidden Gem

Our Hidden Gem:  We have an “observation deck” in our community, so titled for lack of a better name.  It is situated in the open common area of Sea Terrace 1 at the end of Flying Jib Drive, above the end of Binnacle Drive and below a walkway down from Marlinspike.    Last fall, our Maintenance staff and our Maintenance Committee were faced with a decision that was ultimately resolved by the Board. It was in such bad condition that something had to be done. We either demolish it or we re-build and restore. The Board approved funding for its restoration and so began a lengthy process.    After cleaning out the interior rot and debris of the damaged vertical wooden logs, a multi-step epoxy product (fully explained in my January article) was used for strengthening and weather protection. This process required a month of curing. Two of the logs, however needed to be completely replaced because their damage was beyond this type of repair. Once the logs were in place, a decking with seats and handrails were constructed using a composite wood product that should provide a twenty five plus year life. A primer and then three coats of paint, color-matched to the composite wood were applied to the logs. A warm, rich sandstone color scheme was chosen to replace the weathered, dingy and dark grey color of the original structure. The intention was to create a newer, fresher “nature inspired” appearance cradled among the trees and plantings surrounding it.    Go check it out…we are very pleased with the outcome of this project!                                  Suzanne Enis

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