Men’s Club – Summer Update

The Men’s Club meeting on June 17 was well attended. Jack Sweeney’s Cooking Team did their usual excellent job, as did the setup and cleanup helpers.

The Sunshine Committee reported that Sean Tierney and Ian Ross are ailing, and we wish them both a speedy and complete recovery.

The 10th Annual Del Mar Races Getaway, scheduled for August 14th is sold out, but because there may be last-minute cancellations, interested persons should contact Jack Sweeney at 661-5924.

Carl Kukkonen informed the members that he has linked up with the “Sisters of Calcutta” in Nicaragua, and is gathering used clothing for their missionary work there. Shores residents are invited to donate their “pre-owned” clothes and Carl will arrange for transport to Nicaragua. Because the indigenous people are of small stature, small size clothing is preferred.

Guest Speaker for the meeting was Mr. Ben Allen, a Volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Because his wife has this disease, he has intimate knowledge of the ravages of the disease, and the toll it takes on family caretakers.

He spoke at length about the symptoms to watch for, and the urgency to get early diagnosis. Forgetting where you left the house keys or where you parked the car can be a typical sign of aging, and not necessarily of dementia.

While there are no cures for Alzheimer’s, this progressive disease can be moderated or slowed down through exercise and diet. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR GP DOCTOR TO ASSESS THE SYMPTOMS AND MAKE AN ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS…SEE A SPECIALIST.

Interestingly, there is an extremely high incidence of this disease in Columbia, South America. Ongoing research may reveal some critical markers for identifying causes of the disease.

Mr. Allen answered many insightful questions at the conclusion of his talk, and received a hearty round of applause!

Our regularly scheduled first Tuesday of the month meeting will be skipped due to the upcoming Fourth of July festivities, but the next regular meeting will be held July 15th. The Men’s Club is looking forward to hosting its 20th annual, world renowned, Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast in the Shores ClubHouse, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. All residents and their friends are invited, and the Men’s Club looks forward to seeing you there.



If you missed out on buying the Niguel Shores Logo apparel last time around, we’ll have samples of shirts and jackets on hand at the breakfast, and will be taking orders. Payment in cash is requested.

“Success is getting what you want…happiness is wanting what you get” – Dale Carnegie


– Morry Meadow reporting


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