Traffic and Safety -Summer Safety

The summer solstice has come and gone and we find ourselves in the midst of summer. In just a few days we will be celebrating the Fourth of July which will be the most festive day of summer in our community. We start off with what some believe to be the best pancake breakfast on the West Coast, followed by a colorful and fun parade that rivals any other like it. This, believe it or not, represents only the beginning of a fun packed day with games, contests, barbeques at the Bluff, swimming in the pool and the beach, in addition to dozens of private gatherings.

Of course, the day is capped off with the multitude of fireworks displays that are visible from vantage points in the community.

It’s no surprise that we will have quite a few guests coming into the community to not only enjoy our company, but the day, and of course the amenities. In terms of safety and security issues this will be the busiest day of the year.

Additional security personnel will be on duty to assist with traffic, parking and security issues. However, we need each resident, with guests, to help to ensure that whole day goes smoothly.

With that we have several requests: Remind our guests that on the Fourth, only residents are allowed to park in registered areas within the community. Spot checks have determined that during busy summer months a vast majority of people using the pool are guests and many are unaware of the rules. With no lifeguard on duty, please ensure that children under 14 years of age are accompanied by an adult in the pool area. It not only is a good safety practice, but one of our rules.

Have everyone lock their cars. The few thefts from vehicles have occurred over the years have been from unlocked cars and generally around holidays. Last and maybe most importantly, where possible, take responsibility for the conduct of our guests. I say this because a significant number of the negative conflicts at the gate involve uninformed and/or belligerent guests. At the same time an obvious minority of guests tend to show a disregard for our rules and regulations as evidenced by the number of citations they receive. Last year they accounted for 84 per cent of all those issued.

Have a great Fourth of July and safe summer. God bless…

—Tim Murphy


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