Maintenance Committee – It’s all about the right tool!

It’s all about the right tool!

Following the June 12 meeting of the Maintenance Committee, the committee received this email: “The maintenance staff would like to thank the Maintenance Committee for approval of the purchase of an electric jackhammer.” George

Our maintenance guys were so thrilled about this new purchase that they may as well have been small wideeyed children receiving a much longed for toy from Santa Claus. The difference, however, this is not a toy and is much more needed than just wanted.

The need to remove old coach light post concrete bases and install new ones with new post clamps is ongoing.

In the past, this project has required many man-hours and heavy physical labor just to remove the concrete. The new jackhammer demolished the concrete block in two minutes as opposed to the use of our small Hilti jackhammer which took 30 minutes just to create a groove, but still left the block intact.

A little known fact! I was told at Dunn-Edwards that when making your paint purchase at their 32061 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano location, if you tell them you live in Niguel Shores they will give you 40 per cent off. Thank you Steve Leonard for the tip!!

—Suzanne Enis


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