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We can tell from tracking the number of “hits” on the Niguel Shores website, that many of you are logging on to and using the site as a good source for community information as well as a convenient way to register your guests and visitors.

You may also want to consider using the Website as a source for a little extra cash or a great place to find a good deal on another resident’s unwanted or no longer needed items. If the treasures you were hoping to sell in this spring’s community garage sale are still taking up way too much space in your garage, check out the Marketplace on our Website. The Marketplace is a great resource for selling and buying goods, finding services, such as pet sitting, golf cart and computer repair, or finding that summer rental for visiting relatives coming to enjoy our beautiful summer here in Niguel Shores.

The neighborhood ads listed on the Marketplace are inexpensive, $5 for just the website or $7.50 for the Seashore News and Website. The forms can be accessed right at under the forms tab and before you know it, that garage may be looking a bit more spacious always, please continue to use the Website, for all of the latest information about our busy community. All of the Recreation Committee’s upcoming events, election results and updates on community information right there at Please be sure to check it out soon!!

—Patti Staudenbaur



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