Men’s Club – June Update

The Men’s Club had a terrific” Ladies Day” special meeting featuring one of the best breakfasts of the year. Woody Woodward and his cooking team really came through!

The egg soufflé, thick ham and fresh strawberries were delicious and the table decorations over real tablecloths made a very inviting atmosphere.

There were nearly as many tables as our large community room can hold, and all tables were full of people having a spontaneous, enjoyable time.

President Al Thome kicked off the breakfast by giving a big welcome to our ladies and guests that had been warmly greeted at the door.

Jerry Pearl shared names of five outstanding Dana Hills High School students that each received a $1,000 scholarship for college. One of the recipients was our very own Hayley Boigenzahn who lives in the Shores on Leeward. Additionally, we were honored to have Ruthy Stahl with us who was featured in a piece about long healthy lives on a recent CBS 60 Minutes television program. Ruthy walks two miles each day.

Vice President Bill Tally had not just one, but four outstanding speakers. Each is a candidate for political office.

Carlos Vazquez, candidate for United States Congress, 46th District spoke first. His priority is education and respect for this country, as his family lost everything when Castro came to power in Cuba. His father went to prison as a political opponent and from his cell he had to watch the execution of his friends for simple political disagreement. It is no wonder he loves this country.

Linda Lindholm, four term mayor of Laguna Niguel and candidate for Orange County Board of Education, spoke next. Education and budget issues are where she is experienced and they remain her priority.

Robert Ming, two term mayor of Laguna Niguel and candidate for Orange County Board of Supervisors, Fifth District, was the third speaker.

His priority is to protect South County’s quality of life. He is for solving deficiency issues, traffic solutions and especially for pension reform.

Jeff Ferguson, Deputy Orange County District Attorney, is a candidate for a judgeship. He fascinated us with little known facts such as convicted felons not sent to prisons due to lack of space, but rather placed in jails with much shortened terms and then hard to supervise parole. He says that due to a lack of prosecuting attorneys and judges, decisions are made often before trial. He said that justice is therefore a sham, an act. He is not for more taxes, but for realignment of funding to spend money more intelligently as to the real need.

There were no questions from the audience as a group afterward, but all candidates remained to answer questions individually. Our ladies left with a fresh red rose and we hope to see them on Independence Day.

Coming sooner than you expect, will be our annual Fourth of July Celebration, recognizing our declaration of our independence from England. There will be a parade, beach activities, games in the park and much more. The delicious pancake breakfast served over 500 last year. Be sure to put it on your calendar. Other special activities for the entire community are in the works from the Men’s Club more information to follow.

Come visit us on the first and third Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m. for good food and good speakers. We are a friendly and welcoming group!!

— C. W. Gruenig