Maintenance Committee – Recreation Event Preparation

Our Maintenance Staff: The Recreation Committee and all of its events would not happen without the help, support and hard work of our Maintenance staff.

There was an article in the May Seashore News erroneously thanking the Maintenance Committee for helping with the “Living Room Concert” which was sponsored by the Recreation Committee. The Maintenance Committee had nothing to do with it!! It was our Maintenance STAFF …..they did all the work, as is the case in every event the Recreation Committee offers to the community. The living room concept involved having the Maintenance Staff move the two couches from the lobby into the ClubHouse and then bringing the couch from the patio inside also. The Recreation Committee wanted a vision of a fire in a home fireplace behind the singer so George Cooley spent hours of his own time on a weekend searching online for just the right fireplace videos. He then figured out a way to use my computer to project the image on our drop down screen.

Our very successful Cinco De Mayo Taco Night is a recent example of how much the Maintenance Staff does for our events. George Cooley had to shut off the usual turf irrigation at seven zones at our bluff to keep the grass dry for the weekend event. They hauled all of our portable picnic tables down to the bluff as well as supplying additional trash cans for the area. The electrical had to be available for the DJ also. All of these same tasks will be repeated again for the Recreation Committee sponsored In-N-Out night Saturday, June 14.

Now we are approaching and planning for our annual big Fourth of July celebration. Once again, our Maintenance Staff has a plethora of duties and tasks ahead of them, only some of which include: set up the ClubHouse for the Men’s Club breakfast, set up the park for the kid’s games, make and install signs for the parade, setup a popup, table and chairs at the bluff for the Sand Castle Contest sign up, and ready the BBQ at the bluff for the final event of the day.

As you can see……George, Dave, Dennis, Tom, and Ray do a whole lot more here for us than just fix and repair things. We would not/could not have all our fun events without them.

—Suzanne Enis


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