Women’s Golf – Tribute for Our Fallen Friend Gretchen

After a fun game our April meeting was opened by Marlene Lynch filling in for President Irene McDonald.

The meeting was a tribute for our fallen friend Gretchen Rask who died in March. Marlene read Gretchen’s obituary from the Orange County Register and added to it with Gretchen’s recent golf winnings and history of offices held. Gretchen’s daughters gave our club her set of golf clubs. We were allowed to choose something from the set to be used in our games as a way of keeping Gretchen playing with us. A memorial is also in the planning stages.

Today’s game was Easter themed. Judy Boitano and Pam Strayer gave each of the players a small Easter bag holding two eggs. If we hit into the water or made three putts we had to give back an egg. Winners were the ones with most eggs at the end of the game. Val Mitchell had seven and was the first place winner. Judy and Pam tied for second place. Val also won closest to the pin on #6 and longest drive on #9. Val happened to be appropriately dressed with a bunny hat and socks with pastel tulips and so made a picture perfect overall winner.

Please join us for fun on another Fun Day on Monday, May 12. Call Val Mitchell (582-8311) or Marge Foster (951-6256)

“Golfers, why is it? Isn’t it easier to get up at 6:00 a.m.to play golf than at l0:00 a.m. to clean house?!”

— Liz Kelsch


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