Traffic and Safety

Dogs on Leash: In researching this topic I learned that virtually every city and county in California has a leash law governing the control of unconfined dogs. The city of Dana Point has such a law, and our own HOA has a rule that virtually mirrors it. In essence, the law reflects that unless our dog is confined, it must be restricted by a leash no longer than six feet.

Several websites reflect, more often than not, that in many communities these leash laws are not continuously enforced unless violations are conspicuous and or complaints are received. Unfortunately we are in a similar position.

We are currently experiencing complaints of flagrant and conspicuous disregard of our leash rule. Hopefully, with the help of our patrol personnel, who will be contacting violators, we can achieve voluntary compliance or handle the issue administratively within our own community.

Keep Locking Those Cars: Year to date we have received no reports of any thefts from parked cars in our neighborhoods.

The reason for this is that breaking into a locked car can result in a felony arrest and prosecution. The thieves prone to commit this sort of crime understand that their potential for being arrested is greatly reduced by entering only unlocked cars as the crime is normally only a misdemeanor and criteria for such an arrest is such that it is less likely.

Notify New Guests and Service People: Please notify guests and service folks that have not been to our community before to enter at the proper gate that can accommodate them. Quite often GPS directs them to either the Selva or Cabrillo Gate. Then either of two things occur: they do not read the posted sign and someone comes by and tells them how to get in or, they become frustrated and try to tailgate someone else that enters. In the latter case, they more than likely have their tires punctured by the spikes popping up.

—Tim Murphy