Communication Committee – Website Updates

In addition to being a great source of information about what is happening socially in our community, the Niguel Shores website is also a wonderful resource for residents who have specific questions or concerns about the policies and procedures of the community.
On the home page of our website, you will see a list of headings along the top of page. Those headings are all pull downs that will lead you to lots of information and, in some cases the actual forms you may need, without ever having to leave the comforts of your computer. In addition to the obvious Calendar tab that lists all meetings and social events, you will see the Forms tab. This leads to a drop down menu for all kinds of resources for homeowners, from service request forms, architectural review forms when considering a remodel or renovation project, a Seashore News ad request form for both business advertisements and personal ads, as well as the forms you need if you are planning an event and would like to utilize our beautiful facilities.
All of the Clubs and Committees have drop downs on the website; you can take a look at our gallery of photos of past events, as well as locating past issues of our Seashore News. This is also where you will find the increasingly popular “Voice of the People” link, which will give you a chance to voice your comments or read what others are saying.
—Patti Staudenbaur

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