Page Turners – Under the Tree of Forgetfullness by Alexandra Cooper

Page Turners Book Club will be discussing Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness, by Alexandra Cooper. A story of survival and war, love and madness, loyalty and forgiveness, Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness is an intimate exploration of Fuller’s parents and of the price of being possessed by Africa’s uncompromising, fertile, death-dealing land.

We follow Tim and Nicola Fuller hopscotching the continent, restlessly trying to establish a home. War, hardship, and tragedy follow the family even as Nicola fights to hold on to her children, her land and her sanity. Just when it seems that Nicola has been broken by the continent she loves, it is the African earth that revives and nurtures her.

The Monday groups will meet on February 24 and the Thursday group on the 27th. Members will receive information regarding locations from the coordinators.

For information about the groups you can contact: Phyllis Tezer (Monday mornings):, 496-4710. Diane Hearne (Monday afternoons):, 661-6267. Lisa Buchner (Thursday afternoons):, 496-9546.

—Lisa Buchner


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