Oreo Book Club – The Favorite Daughter by Fawzia Koofi

The Oreo Book Club meeting was held at the home of Mary Crowl on February 19, where the group discussed the book Nature Wars: the Incredible Story of Wildlife Comebacks Turned Backyards into Battlefields by Jim Sterba. The consensus of the group was that we, at Niguel Shores, are winning the war against the coyotes, rabbits, dogs, cats, lizards and a variety of insects, but other parts of the country are not so fortunate. No one in the group had an appetite for killing animals or fish personally, but it was deemed ethically correct to let others do it if they did it out of our sight. The next meeting on March 19th will be at the home of Lakshman Sehgal to review the book The Favorite Daughter, by Fawzia Koofi. We usually run out of chairs, so late comers have to stand during the meeting.

— Norton Schwartz

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