Maintenance – Concrete Repair

Some kind of necessary new “repair” is constant and ongoing here in Niguel Shores for our Maintenance staff. An example of one of our most recent needed repairs occurred at the end of January. A Securitas Patrol officer noticed a wall base broken off of a pilaster at the entrance of Perth Bay. It appeared to have been hit by a vehicle, but as is usually the case, no one knows by whom.

The patrol officer picked up the pieces and brought them to the Maintenance shop yard. Now a solution for the problem was required.

For those of you relatively new to our community, let me give you a little history here. Originally all of the entrances to the “Bay” streets had a structural version of a Japanese Torii gate, consisting of wooden uprights supporting wooden crosspieces with projecting ends. In 2000, they were removed and replaced with two pilaster columns with wall bases and caps joined with ironwork between the two. These described structures are on both sides of each street entrance. Each pilaster has four bases, one on each side, so in total, there are 352 wall bases for all the Bays, and Atlantic Drive and Atlantic Avenue at Niguel Shores Drive. According to the 2000 structural plans, the wall bases came from Edinger Materials and they no longer make wall bases from precast concrete. These bases are of a very detailed and complicated design. Another challenge for George! He is trying to find some way to replicate them should this happen again, which most likely it will.

So in the meantime Glen Harker of Harker Masonry was called and he came onsite and did an outstanding patch/repair. Glen has done a lot of work for us here in Niguel Shores and we love him! Anybody needing concrete repair…this is your “go-to-man.”

—Suzanne Enis

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