Women’s Golf – Aliso Creek

We had another great day at Aliso Creek. It started out pleasantly cool, then became almost balmy. Golf captain Pam Strayer presented us with an interesting game. We were each given an envelope containing $185 in play money. Each team competed with its own group. The person who played well having pars and birdies and one putts for example had to be given money from the others. If one did poorly such as getting three putts, she had to pay the others. In the end the one with the most money was the winner. Judy Boitano was over all winner going home with $300, plus she had the longest drive. Way to go, girl! Val Mitchell walked away with $294 and Brenda Tuckley with $220. Nobody was penniless. The lowest anyone had was $94. Everyone was happy. We didn’t even have to pay tax on our winnings.

Speaking of money, annual dues of $15 is now payable. Checks should be made out to Lee Sweeney, our treasurer. February golf captains are Liz Kelsch (661-5802) and Brenda Tuckley 249-6912) Please call one of them if you haven’t signed up for Monday, February 10.

With much of the money lost on three putts, it may be time for some practice. Here’s some sage advice: Don’t buy a new putter until you’ve had a chance to throw it!

Also: nonchalant putts count the same as chalant putts.

— Liz Kelsch

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