Garden Club – Horticulture Table

The Garden Club had its meeting on the 20th of January. Jerry Koppang had organized a great wreath making workshop. It was a very interesting and creative experience for those of us who had never done it before. For $5, a metal wreath was provided along with soil and Spanish moss. For those that did not bring enough succulents, there were plenty around to create a colorful wreath. Thanks to Linda and Jerry for providing all necessary accessories to facilitate the work.

Hope everyone is following the instructions on keeping the wreath flat for a couple of weeks and watering it once a week, before hanging. If the succulents fall off when you hang the wreath, you obviously did something wrong! Thanks also to Carmen Murphy, Chris Daley, JoAnn Webb and the other volunteers for the snacks and for setting up the work tables.

The next month meeting on February 17 will have a horticulture table. Each one can bring a plant and will have the opportunity to exchange with someone else. If you do not have a plant, you can buy a ticket and participate in the exchange.

There will also be a special raffle prize.

For those of you who have ambition to add more to your garden, you might consider shrubs. They lend a vibrant seasonal color. Examples of these are the California Lilac and my favorite, the Bougainvillea. The latter provides brilliant color year round, easy maintenance and is one of the most shapeable shrubs.

And finally: Why is a barn so noisy? All the cows have horns!

—Lakshman Sehgal

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