Women’s Golf – December Update

We checked in at Aliso Creek, acknowledged Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving on a pristine “Summer” day while a herd of eight deer was grazing peacefully at the first tee.

For the game of the day we each received a turkey with a pine cone body with colorful paper tail feathers inscribed with golf terms such as par, birdie, etc. We were to pull a tail out as we achieved the goal written on the feather. The winners were those with the fewest feathers left on their turkey. Two young bucks greeted us by the 9th green.

Team #1 (Pam Strayer, Lee Sweeney, Val Mitchell, and Helena Keeshen) was overall winner. Individual winners: Low gross: 42 Pam Strayer. Low net: 32 Gretchen Rask, Val Mitchell, Irene McDonald. Low putts: 17 Gretchen Rask, Irene McDonald. Closest to the pin on #6: Gretchen Rask (the entire team made birdies). Longest drive: Gretchen Rask.

Chip in: Barbara Brabeck. Did you notice who was MVP (most valuable player) of the day? Gretchen was in the zone!

A new slate of officers was selected for the 2014 season:

President—Irene McDonald. Co-Vice Presidents—Maria Elena Banks & Helena Keeshen. Treasurer—Lee Sweeney. Recording Secretary—Brenda Tuckley. Social Secretaries—Joan Beyer & Ruth Stahl. Hospitality—Chris Beaver. Reporter—Liz Kelsch.

Checks of $26 are now due for the Christmas Luncheon at the Fountains on December 9. Golf captains for the day are Maria Elena Banks (248-9300) and Helena Keeshen.

— Liz Kelsch

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