Traffic and Safety – Holiday Guests

Holiday Guests: During this festive time of year we can expect an increase in the number of guests coming into our community. To preclude any unnecessary anxiety at the gate, I suggest that everyone ensure their guest list is up to date. No matter how current the list is, I am confident many of us will have someone, not on the list, phone and announce that they will be dropping by. With enough notice we can modify the guest list via our computers. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes many hours for the program to record this change. So to avoid unnecessary frustration on these last minute changes I suggest that besides our manual updating on the computer, we phone the gate and tell them about the new guest. The number at the gate is (949) 487-4185. If the guard is busy you may leave a recorded message.

Watch Out: With the hours of darkness coming earlier, we have had several reports of children running into and seemingly recklessly playing in the street. Sadly enough, this seems to be occurring on some of our more heavily traveled streets. Moms, dads, and drivers please be cautious..

Selva Gate: Recently there have been several near collisions on Windward with vehicles coming in from the Selva Gate. Stop signs control traffic moving in both directions on Windward. There is no such stop sign for cars or trucks entering from the gate. Consequently, once the gate opens the incoming vehicle has the right of way. The cars or trucks on Windward remain at the stop sign and yield until the incoming vehicle successfully turns.

Skateboarding Championship: In October, Nike sponsored the Super Crown of Street Skateboarding in New Jersey. Chris Cole and Paul Rodriguez completed this multi-phase competition and came in first and second place. What is unusual about this is that both are advocates of a conservative and safe style of skateboarding that was made popular by our own Pat O’Brien. During the competition, just as it is on the streets, the more reckless skaters failed to “stay the course” and fell by the side. Unfortunately, some of the skateboarding that is being done down at the bluffs can best be described as dangerous and clearly against the rules. Since the Fourth of July we have had several near serious collisions between cars and skaters. It appears that it is just a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

I assume that the parents of the skaters don’t know what their children are doing. Someone witnessing this folly may feel comfortable telling the skater, but as a good citizen and neighbor at least I would hope they tell someone such as a parent, security or the office so action can be taken and allow them to “stay the course.”

It has been said many ways through the years, “Nolliag Shona Duit”! God Bless…

—Tim Murphy

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