Page Turners – Waiting for Snow in Havana by Carlos Eire

Page Turners Book Club will be discussing Waiting for Snow in Havana, by Carlos Eire. Carlos Eire has created a memorable record of his childhood in Havana writing of his lovely surroundings populated by colorful characters, many of them related to him. The shadow of impending doom in the shape of Fidel’s revolution slowly but relentlessly advances over this idyllic scene and ultimately results in his secure world and his family being torn apart. This book combines a distinctly Cuban coming of age tale with a view into Cuba at the time of the revolution as experienced through the eyes of a comfortable middle class child.

The Monday groups will meet on January 27 and the Thursday group on January 30. Members will receive information regarding locations from the coordinators.

For information about the groups you can contact: Phyllis Tezer (Monday mornings):, 496- 4710. Diane Hearne (Monday afternoons):, 661-6267. Lisa Buchner (Thursday afternoons):, 496-9546.

—Lisa Buchner

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