Maintenance Committee – Sea Terrace I Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration: The observation deck in the park area at the end of Flying Jib in Sea Terrace I is about to undergo a four month renovation. Here are the four different phases of restoration for the logs—the epoxy product strengthens and protects the wood, yet it is flexible enough to accommodate different weather conditions that cause expansion and/or contraction….so that it never cracks or breaks:

1. The first job for those logs that have a top hollow core from wood rot, is to clean out the wood rot/debris and pour “Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer” inside the hollow logs. The product seeps down ten feet into the log for strength, protection, and waterproofing.

All of the logs, with or without a hollow rotted core, will be over-coated with the epoxy sealer, which preserves and protects the wood and provides an excellent primer for paint.

2. After the “CPES” has cured and dried (which requires about a month), the gap of hollow logs will be filled with “Layup and Laminating Epoxy Resin” which is mixed 50:50 with fine sawdust.

3. Then they will cap the top of the log with “Fill-It Epoxy Filler” and cover with plastic wrap until it hardens.

4. When the top coat cures completely, the final step is to paint.

—Suzanne Enis


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