Introducing our “Maintenance Guys”

(From L to R) George Cooley, Dennis Cannon, Tom Shimkus, Dave Smith

(From L to R) George Cooley, Dennis Cannon, Tom Shimkus, Dave Smith

Introducing our “Maintenance Guys”—without these individuals, our lives here in Niguel Shores would not be so enjoyable.

George Cooley had been the Maintenance Manager and was then promoted to Facilities Manager. As Facilities Manager he oversees various contractor projects such as street maintenance, gate-operation repair and concrete work among too many other things to even mention here. His skills are that of an effective researcher and problem solver. He is mechanically inclined and enjoys the challenge of finding electrical shorts (especially underground) that affect street or greenbelt-area lights and irrigation controllers. His hobbies and interests are photography, bicycling, talk radio, technology gadgets, NFL football and baseball (Go Angels!).

George grew up on a farm and managed the family farm for many years. Almonds, various fruit and citrus trees were the main crop. He also raised honeybees. In high school he was a member of the Future Farmers of America. He competed in a three-man team in Vine Judging and Fruit Tree Pruning receiving first place in a California statewide competition. He now prunes his neighbor’s and sister’s fruit trees in exchange for a sample of the ripened fruits at harvest time.

Dave Smith is the Lead Maintenance man. Dave’s first level of responsibility is the pool and spa. The daily swimmers can attest to his skill and dedication. Dave takes great pride in the appearance and healthy conditions of “his” pool.

Tom Shimkus came to work for us in August of 2011. Tom’s first level of responsibility is electrical, and irrigation issues. His skills are maintenance and repair of electromechanical devices. His hobbies and interests are offroading, camping and music.

Dennis Cannon (our “gentle giant”) started here as a part-time employee and has now been full time for eight years. His levels of responsibilities are cleaning the ClubHouse and event set-up and take-down. Those who use the ClubHouse appreciate his friendly attitude and willingness to help, as well as the newly improved appearance since he took over from our outside cleaning service. He is bilingual and his hobbies include computer games that require strategy. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing.

—Suzanne Enis

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