Traffic & Safety Committee – Lock it or Loose it

Festive Season:

Halloween, followed by the celebration of the “Day of the Dead”, are just behind us. These two days usually signify the gradual onset of what has become our “Holiday Season”. However, this year Diwali or “The Festival of Lights” (The major Hindu Holiday) falls on November 3, and starts off the holiday season quicker than usual. From now until January 6, when the Three Kings visit some children and “La Bafana” flies away after visiting others, we are in the midst of the proverbial happiest time of the year.

Party Lists:

Generally speaking, during this season we will welcome and entertain more guests into our community than at any other time of the year. With that said, I would like to briefly address party lists that are required when one plans to host ten or more non-resident guests and/or service personnel. Simply put, our Rules and Regulations (section 6607) require that we provide the office, at least three business days in advance of the event, with an alphabetical list of non-residents we intend to welcome into the community. When we expect twenty or more such guests, management approval must be given. This system works incredibly well as long as our folks get our lists well before the event. The folks in the office are always happy to work with us if we have a question.

Lock It Or Lose It!

The rate of thefts from vehicles normally increases drastically during the holiday period. In our community almost all cars that have been entered and had items stolen have been unlocked. One of the major crime reduction programs of our Dana Point deputies has been to encourage everyone to lock their vehicles. For a lot of reasons thieves don’t like the odds when they break into cars so they, as a rule, don’t.

God Bless.

—Tim Murphy

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