Traffic and Safety Committee – Golf Carts

I am pleased to report that our busiest season is now behind us and no significant traffic, graffiti, vandalism, theft related, or other crime problem was evident for this entire period.

Golf Carts: However, the following bits of news have evidently spurred the majority of concerns that have been expressed by residents. They pertain to golf-cart-safety.  On September 8 in the Beverly Park section of Los Angeles a golf cart overturned killing a child. On August 12 the news from Arizona carried a story of a golf cart carrying 8 passengers, in addition to a 14 year old driver, tipping over and killing a 16 year old. Several days before that in San Diego, children playing with a golf cart lost control of it and fatally injured a 4 year old.  An article in The American Journal of Preventative Medicine discussed 148,000 injuries that can be attributed to golf carts over a 16 year period. Sadly, children under 16 accounted for 30 percent of those injured. Studies have reflected that occupants of these vehicles are more easily ejected as the result of a minor collision, and can fall out as the result of a sudden turning movement.  Clearly, because of the inherent dangers, the driver of these sometimes awkward conveyances should be a level-headed and responsible individual.  In addition to the vehicle code, our rules and regulations place restrictions on the operation of golf carts. Each golf cart driven within our community must be registered with the office.  Unregistered carts are subject to being towed away. The driver of these vehicles must be at least 16 years of age. Common sense and the vehicle code prohibit overloading these vehicles or permitting them to be driven in an unsafe manner. I am confident that if we follow the basic rules and continue to exercise good judgment, we will continue on without any of our children suffering  from preventable golf cart accidents.

  Change of Seasons: The hours of daylight are shrinking and Halloween and October Fest are rapidly approaching. This signifies the start of the most festive time of the year. With the associated excitement in the air little folks are likely to dart into the street. Please watch out for them! God Bless……..Tim Murphy

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