The Recreation Committee – Help Is Needed! Due to lack of committee members, many activities will be cancelled

Dear Neighbors,

We need your help!

As many of you know Niguel Shores is one of the most desirable communities in the area.  What makes us if not one of The Best of the best is our community involvement, our Volunteers.

Niguel Shores’ Volunteers Rock!  Without them we would not have all our activities that make our community so desirable in which reflects in our property values.

Many of you may not know that all our committees run on Volunteer Power from Maintenance all the way to Recreation.

Recreation Committee Needs YOU.  All our activities from all the Beach Bluff Events to Halloween Party for our children, Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Party, New Years, Food Truck Night, to name a few  are organized and sponsored by our Recreation Committee.  It takes time and bodies (volunteers) to make an all these events happen for your families and often friends.

These activities do not come from your quarterly dues.  Someone at the Bluff actually thought that the Office Staff put this together.  They help us with the RSVP and collect money for some of our events.  But our Recreation Committee puts them all together. I am sorry for my lengthy Blog but I feel that I need to explain to some of you how this system works.

Our two wonderful Co-Chairs, Alicia Martinez and Danielle Mills have stepped down.  We need to thank them for a wonderful job.  I hope you have the chance to thank them personally when you see them around the community.  It is not an easy job pleasing everyone.

We are now running this Committee with a skeleton crew of six and about an about 13-14 events a year to do.  We are in the process of cutting most of our events due to our lack of volunteers.  We cannot handle all of these events with six people.

Our volunteers have changed and so have our residents.  We have younger families and families with grand children.  Please help us keep our Community of Niguel Shores going.  We need change and we are willing to hear you out.

As Chair of this Committee (BTW, I was the only one left) I am enclosing a survey to help you help us keep Niguel Shores as The Best Community around.  I am enclosing a short survey to help us help you with understanding how you feel about our Community and Events.

Please remember . . .  we are Volunteers.  If you would like to see change, we need you to communicate and/or get involved.

Sincerely and respectfully from my heart, Maria Elena Banks, Chair Recreation Committee



Recreation Help Is Needed!   Due to lack of committee members, many activities will be cancelled.


5th:   9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Garage Sale. Sign up in office and get maps on Friday, October 4. See the      article in this issue of the Seashore News for more details.

17th:  11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Cooking class will be offered one more time. Kookie has, as always, a menu of interest for Fall. See how to prepare…and enjoy tasting.

20th:   6:00 p.m. Potluck! Conversation and food promise a very good evening. See the article in this issue.

November: Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy preparing and having a feast with your family and friends

December: Our annual Christmas Tree Lighting time! See the lights on the tree and in everyone’s eyes. Enjoy the refreshments and the children seeing Santa.

Happy New Year!

2014: No activities planned for January, February March or April due to lack of committee members. Please consider volunteering.

May:   4th     Taco Cart

June:  In and Out Night

July:   Our July 4 celebration

August:  Concert Night

 To continue with all the past events we need you. Please call the office to be part of the committee with new ideas to plan and with helping hands to accomplish the event. Thank you.

                                                                                             Carol Yocom


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