Maintenance Committee – The basics

  Having recently become the co-chair (sharing the responsibility with Art Staudenbaur) of our Maintenance Committee, I am now more cognizant than ever of the enormous amount of workload required of our four maintenance staff members. We maintain a very nice lifestyle here in Niguel Shores, in large part because of the industriousness and dedication of George, Dave, Dennis and Tom.

   You may think all they do is set up and break down tables, chairs, pop-ups, audiovisual systems and microphones in our ClubHouse and on our Beach Bluff, and sometimes they even make coffee for community events in our ClubHouse. But their job is a whole lot more! They do everything to make our community function and look good. Here are some of their additional duties and responsibilities:

  • Maintain and repair all vehicle and pedestrian gates and their mechanisms.


  • Install and or replace damaged or deteriorated street signs, light posts, mailbox posts, benches and stairways.


  • Trouble shoot outside electrical: replace burned out light bulbs, diagnose and replace ballasts, fuses, breakers. Locate underground wires, repair and replace as needed.


  • Concrete: removal and replacement of concrete for posts, street lights, fence rails, gate operators, mailbox posts, street and stop signs.


  • Provide painting and general carpentry.


  • Maintenance and or repair of the tennis courts, windscreen, court nets, court deck and the benches.


  • Place and remove informational posters in our display boxes at the gates. Install and remove all our Christmas décor including the wreaths and greenery on our gates. Help install July 4th decorations and then remove.


  • Maintenance of the swimming pool and spa and their accompanying equipment. Also daily cleaning and monitoring pH and chlorine chemicals, etc. This is Dave’s responsibility.


  • Maintenance and cleaning of the floors in the ClubHouse kitchen and lobby. This is Dennis’ responsibility.


   As you can see, these men have a lot to do and the newly renovated landscape of our Mariner entrance has required even more work for them. So the next time you see one of the men dressed in a “Niguel Shores Blue” shirt working in or around the ClubHouse area, or out in the field, please take the time to say thank you for all they do to make our community such a special place.

                                                                                                                                                     Suzanne Enis