Women’s Club – New Board Installation

In July, the outgoing and incoming officers and committee heads enjoyed a wonderful summer brunch provided by the co-presidents, Karla Sanders and Nancy Tinnes. It’s always a treat for those who have volunteered their time during the year for the various Women’s Club activities and a welcome to those who are volunteering for the upcoming year. Many thanks to all involved.

The Women’s Club Directory is being assembled now so, if those last minute members haven’t renewed, it’s the last possible call. Also, those residents who might enjoy being part of the Women’s Club, join now.

One need only take a $10 check to the office to become a member and enjoy the interesting programs, great lunches, occasional day trips, and our annual holiday party. And, you can show off your hats at that lovely June Tea!

The first luncheon of the year will be Thursday, September 12 so, put it on your calendar. And, while you’re at it, mark October 10 and November 14 as well. See you there.

—Mary Crowl

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